Get One

Get One


Get One is the popular “cult” gherkin in a tin, handpicked and, of course  from the Spreewald region. Perfect for parties and as a between-meal snack: crunchy, fresh and with an extra certain something. This crunchy Spreewald gherkin is available at petrol stations, in mini-bars, big box stores, wholesale stores or here in the online shop.

Nutritional- and calorific valuesper 100 ml/100 g
calorific value in kcal33
calorific value in kJ141
fat0,1 g
of which saturated fatty acids< 0,1 g
carbohydrates6,8 g
of which sugar6,7 g
fibre0,4 g
protein0,5 g
salt1,4 g

one gherkin, vinegar, sugar, onions, salt, dill, mustard, spices, spice extracts

Net weight / drained weight
net weight250 g
drained weight100 g

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