Every successful company is motivated by something. For us, it is our love for the Spreewald region, our pursuit of quality and our commitment to uphold old traditions: all of that is part of our philosophy.


All of our gherkins are 100% Spreewald originals, just like most of our employees. For us, the Spreewald region is more than just the place where gherkins grow – it is home to our employees and close to our heart. 



Spreewald gherkins need to be treated gently and carefully, which is why we pick every one by hand. Internal and external controls ensure that you can rely on the consistently high quality of all our products; and not just the gherkins, but our entire range of fruit and vegetable specialities.


The red freshness seal bearing the words "Original Spreewälder Gurken” (“Original Spreewald Gherkins”) is a guarantee of superior quality. The unique and delicious taste is a company secret that we are happy to share with you: the best ingredients and gentle, careful processing. Of course, this also goes for all our fruit and vegetables specialities. For instance, the apples we use for our “Das andere Apfelmus” (“the different apple puree”) are cold-grated to preserve their full fruity taste.


There are practical reasons behind our mouthwatering gherkin recipes: Hundreds of years ago, farmers’ wives kept coming up with new recipes to preserve the harvested produce so it would last through the long winter, and the recipes have not changed much since then. Why change this remarkably delicious flavour and taste? That does not mean they all taste the same; quite the contrary, pepper, garlic and classic pickled gherkins all have their own character – and they also have one thing in common: the fresh distinctive herb flavour. 


We are a family-run company in the 4th generation, and proud of it. We do not work for the profit of shareholders, but for sustainability, for excellent, delicious products and to preserve the culture and traditions of the Spreewald region.

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